'Operation Flood Zone' underway

'Operation Flood Zone' underway

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Wednesday, Sept. 7, marked the first day of a three-day project being called Operation Flood Zone, it's an effort by the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney John DeRosier and fellow volunteers to clean-up around the Baton Rouge area.

More than 40 individuals showed up at the Lake Charles Civic Center early Wednesday morning to donate their time and manpower.

"The goal today is to go out and help the communities who have been helping their own community," said Nathan McKee.

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office Sgt. Nathan McKee is one of the many individuals volunteering for 'Operation Flood Zone' – a mission focusing on aiding law enforcement personnel in the Baton Rouge area who were impacted by the flood.

"Going over there, working as hard as we can, getting as much accomplished as we can as far as cleaning up and helping everyone," Sgt. McKee said. "It's still unreal how much water is just holding and the uncertainty of when you can go back to your home."

Volunteers from all backgrounds, from law enforcement personnel like Sgt. McKee who wants to help his fellow brothers and sisters in blue to residents like Bobby Broussard who said he's been through his share of storms but has never seen anything like this.

"A sick feeling, a hollow feeling in my stomach, to think of those families walking back and seeing everything that they've ever had or accumulated in their lives, is gone, especially those who didn't have insurance and were not expecting this kind of devastation," Bobby Broussard said. "They say everything happens for a reason but sometimes you have to wonder why things like this happen to people that can't least afford it."

It's not too late to volunteer, call 337-437-3405 and ask for Linda for more information or to reserve your spot to volunteer.

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