I-210 bridge construction expected to begin summer 2017

I-210 bridge construction expected to begin summer 2017

LAKE CHARLES, LA - Drivers in Southwest Louisiana were told to brace themselves this summer for major construction on the Interstate 210 Bridge, but that project has been pushed back again. Transportation officials now say it may be another year before work begins.

It's a major project, not just because of its estimated $30 million price tag, but the scope of improvements including re-decking the main spans, updating rails, adding catwalks under the bridge, and general repairs on the aging structure.

Before the 210 rehab project can begin, repairs to overpasses along Interstate 10 must be completed.

"In advance of that work, we're going to be doing some work on the I-10 corridor through Lake Charles," said DOTD District Administrator Todd Landry, "to get our adjacent or alternate routes across the river in shape."

At one time, the 210 rehab was expected to start this summer, but as the seasons change, so does the project and its start date.

"Of course, our letting date for this project is now Nov. 16," said Landry. "We know that the letting date has been pushed back a few times. The more we looked into the project and the more that traffic started building in our area, the more we realized we have to put some more items into the contract to prepare for the traffic management."

Even once bids start rolling in come November, several months will go by before the repairs to I-10 overpasses get started, and those could take some time.

"I-10 will be worked on for a matter of months before the joints on I-10 have been repaired or reconstructed," said Landry.

So when might 210 see construction?

"We're looking at next summer-ish before actual construction before I-210. Of course, that's an estimate as well," said Landry.