Food truck 'invasion' at Crying Eagle Brewing was huge success

Food truck 'invasion' at Crying Eagle Brewing was huge success

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It seems the number of food trucks in the Lake Area continues to grow.

Six food trucks gathered on Thursday at Crying Eagle Brewing Company for a food truck "invasion."

Hundreds of residents turned out for the first-ever event.

"It's good; we've had a lot of people so far. It's good weather for a Popsicle," said Emily DeRouen with Pops and Rockets Popsicles.

Each of the trucks, from the Lake Area to Lafayette, each brought their own unique flavor to hungry residents.

"I still haven't decided. I'm looking at that brisket sandwich," said attendee Nic Lacour.

Lacour was one of many hoping the long lines would be worth the wait.

While there was plenty of sweating outside, cooks turned up the heat in the kitchen.

At The Sloppy Taco, it was business as usual.

"Turnout's been amazing. It's been non-stop since we started," said Derek Stutes, part owner of The Sloppy Taco.

Veterans in the food truck arena, Stutes said the rise in popularity of "food on the go' has been unprecedented.

"They've been popping up here, Sulphur, Moss Bluff, Westlake, just in the last six to nine months there's been a lot of them coming up," explained Stutes.

In fact, they've been so busy, they've even opened up a headquarters location at 2500 Kirkman Street earlier this year.

For newcomers Smokin' Hot Food Grill, it was a chance to prove their worth.

"It went really well; we sold out. We prepped for 200 people; maybe we should have prepped for a little more but I'm happy with the success that we got here," said Jessica Yonich, owner/chef, at Smokin' Hot Grill.

Music and air conditioning provided a relief inside Crying Eagle Brewing.

President Eric Avery acknowledged the day's success.

"Today was just absolutely amazing. We never would have dreamed the turnout that we had today," he said.

And judging by the community attendance, it also means a new opportunity.

"Lake Charles is definitely hungry for something like this. We're so excited that it turned out well and look forward to doing this again very soon," added Avery.

Attendees couldn't agree more.

"I think they should keep it going and probably get more food trucks locally around to participate," said Lori Sonnier.

Lacour added, "I hope it's an incentive for the other vendors to come in and we get more trucks. That would be amazing. This is where it's at."

Because of the day's success, Avery said they're hoping to do this once a month possibly at different locations.

For a full list of participants, click HERE.

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