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There's another effort underway to build a bridge linking Monkey Island with the rest of Cameron parish. Hurricane Rita washed away the ferry serving the 500-acre island.

The Grand Lake 4-H Club decided to fulfill their promise to always serve the community after seeing how much damage these historic floods brought to Livingston Parish.

A wedding dress symbolizes one of the happiest days in a bride's life, a cherished possession that oftentimes ends up being stored away in a closet for years.  Now these dresses are serving a second purpose, in a family's toughest time.  We'll introduce you to a Southwest Louisiana volunteer group creating Angel Gowns from donated wedding dresses.

Two warnings on mosquito-related illnesses: West Nile season got off to a late start, but we are seeing a rise in infections in Louisiana, including our part of the state. And, another confirmed case of Zika virus in Louisiana. Find out where we stand with travel-related infections.

And dance halls featuring live Cajun bands are getting much harder to find these days. In Heart of Louisiana, Dave McNamara takes us to Houma where 'The Jolly Inn' dance hall is keeping the Cajun two-step tradition alive.

Plus, JetBlue is headed to Cuba. The airline begins flights to Cuba today, making it the first American airline with regularly scheduled flights to Cuba.

The weather pattern continues to remain much drier through the next few days. A weak front on Friday could bring a couple isolated showers before drier weather returns for the start of the weekend. Tropical Depression Nine continues to meander across the southern Gulf of Mexico with the expected turn towards the north and eventually east into Florida by Thursday. It is expected to begin with some strengthening over the next 24 to 48 hours. Meteorologist Ben Terry will have the latest in your 'First Alert Forecast.'

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