Hundreds of backpacks are full thanks to Pick-A-Kid

Hundreds of backpacks are full thanks to Pick-A-Kid

This morning school children flocked to the Ward 7 Recreation Center in Vinton to fill their backpacks for the upcoming school year.

It's that time of year again, and there are many families who need help providing their kids with the proper supplies for school.

Pick-A-Kid is making sure that not only are these kids fully stocked in the classroom but they also leave the event with a smile… and maybe a little face paint.

Fill-The-Backpack aims to do exactly what the name promises for those children whose families cannot provide that themselves.

"We're giving kids the opportunity to go to school and have everything they need," said Vice President of Pick-A-Kid, Gerard Anderson. "Good thing about it is, when they come here, its not just get your stuff and go."

The kids that came today had plenty of food and activities to look forward to as well. The main event of the day was a life-size game of "Hungry Hungry Hippos".

According to the founder and president, David Smith Jr., seeing the community band together to help out these kids gives him hope for their futures.

"All of these kids that show up have a lot of people around them that support them and I believe that support manufactures productive citizens," said Smith.

The entire Ward 7 Recreation Center in Vinton was packed with hundreds of smiling faces.

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