What La. lawmakers are doing to regulate drones

What La. lawmakers are doing to regulate drones

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - There are three pieces of legislation awaiting Governor John Bel Edwards's signature to regulate the growing use of unmanned aircraft better known as drones – one sponsored by Representative Stephen Dwight, House Bill 19 outlaws drones flying over correctional facilities and school properties.

"It started off with our local sheriff Tony Mancuso and his warden asked me to bring it because there was some other legislation going through some other states where drones were flying over prisons, and jail facility dropping off paraphernalia so it was a safety reason," said Representative Stephen Dwight and added, "We see this as a safety issue for our jails, for our prisons, for our children. This is new legislation, we are trying to stay out in front of it."

Another bill, House Bill 635, would include drones in the list of objects used for video voyeurism to keep peeping Toms from extending their range.

Senate Bill 141 would take it up a notch, classifying flying drones over private property as a criminal trespass offense.

"We are just trying to stay ahead of the game and be proactive and get some perimeters in place because drones do scare people so we are trying to stay ahead," Representative Dwight said.

Cody Porche is the owner of Porche Aerial Imagery and has been flying drones for four years. He said he understands the need for regulation.

"It's privacy and public interest, that's what all this is about," Porche said.

Porche had this advice for those looking into flying drones for entertainment, "If you educated yourself before you fly you can avoid all of this nonsense and fly and have fun with it because again the goal is not to prevent people from buying these and prevent them from flying it's to increase safety and make sure the public interest is taken into consideration."

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