Your Jewelry Questions Answered

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QUESTION: Do you have any suggestions of what to do with my wedding ring/diamond after divorce?

ANSWER: There are options you can consider with regards to what to do with the old or new wedding set.

(1) Redesigning your ring and stones is always a good idea, you will pay for labor only. The metal, White, Yellow or Platinum has a value based on spot prices (U.S. dollars per oz.) You can exchange yellow for white gold. Redesign your ring into a new ring for the right hand or perhaps a pendant, pin, earrings etc.

(2) There are some businesses that will take your piece of jewelry on consignment for a percentage of the sale, you must be patient it often takes a few months to find the right buyer.

(3) Sell it to a business out right. They will then sell as their own. You usually will receive less money for it, but it will be an immediate sell.

(4) Try running an ad in local papers, bulletin boards, etc. however be very careful, DO NOT list your address, agree to meet at a public place and bring a friend.

(5) eBay.

(6) Keep it for the children if there are children.

I know it can be a difficult to release an item of the past that represented so much of the future. Do so when you are absolutely sure the right decision has been made. I hope these few options have helped.

QUESTION: In 1997 I had a ring appraised which was given to me it was $15,000.00. I would like to sell the ring but don't know how or where to go for that.

ANSWER: There are a few jewelry stores that may consider selling your diamond ring for you. However I must caution you, experience has taught me that too often the appraisals that were given at time of purchase does not accurately provide a true dollar value of the item. Only a perception of value. If you would like call me at 474-0080 or come into the store Mon.-Fri. 10:00am-5:30pm we are located across from the mall across the street form Dillards on Prien Lake Rd. We can discuss a current appraisal and consider your options.

QUESTION: What's the difference between 14kt gold and vermeil? Will the vermeil make your finger turn green?

ANSWER: Karat gold refers to the percentage of 24kt. gold or fine gold in which the item is made of. Example: 18kt gold would be 75% pure gold and 25% alloy the alloy is what will give the 24kt yellow gold it color white, pink etc... The item will be solid 14kt, 18kt etc... not plated . Vermeil is sterling silver (925) 92.5% pure silver and copper as its alloy. Then the silver is plated with 14kt. or 18kt. gold. I hope this long explanation is the answer to your question.

QUESTION: I have a white diamond and a yellow diamond, which is more valuable?

ANSWER: There are several factors to consider the carat weight, clarity and cut. The most important with regard to the color is to determine if the yellow diamond is a natural fancy yellow or an irradiated yellow (when the color of a diamond has been altered artificially). Assuming that the stones are the same weight, clarity, cut and both diamonds are natural color white, yellow. The Yellow would be worth more based on the rarity of its color.

QUESTION: Do you have the Asscher cut diamond in store? How do I know if I am paying too much for an engagement ring?

ANSWER: I recently sold a 1 carat Asscher. I will be receiving another within a few days. There seems to be a lot of renewed interest in this cut. Although there is a technical difference between an Asscher and a square Emerald cut diamond, it is very difficult to see a difference. Price would be better for a square Emerald cut Diamond that looks like an Asscher cut. Let me know if you would like to view either or both. There are no obligations to purchase.

With regard to your concern about paying too much for an engagement ring; I strongly suggest that you become properly informed with the four C's when purchasing a diamond. Once you do, then set a budget and compare like quality to price. Always be sure to compare the cut, clarity,color and carat weight. Go in to the stores you are most comfortable with and make fair informed comparisons. Here at M.B. Rich. Jewelry we take pride of being a better teacher than a salesman, I would be pleased to personally instruct you on how to make that perfect and informed purchase. My hours are 10:00am -- 5:30pm Mon- Friday.