Care Help needs public's help to make women's shelter a reality

Care Help needs public's help to make women's shelter a reality
(Source: Liz Koh/KPLC)
(Source: Liz Koh/KPLC)

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Care Help of Sulphur is a nonprofit organization that provides short-term assistance for residents.

There have been plans to provide a long-term assistance program but there's a hold-up in the process.

There are two old and worn-down modular buildings sitting behind Care Help's current facility.

Executive Director Jody Farnum said they were donated by Sasol nearly 18 months ago.

The plan is to convert the structures into a shelter and transitional home for women.

"They are broken; they are ugly; they need repairs, but that's how the women (are) going to be when they come here too," said Farnum. "They're going to be broken; they're going to feel ugly. They're going to look hopeless, but God's got a plan. He's going to take this brokenness and turn it into something beautiful."

The shelter will house 16 women.

"These women will be either homeless; they could maybe be just transitioning out of incarceration, abusive situations. They could have lost a job. We may have elderly women - a husband passed away and didn't prepare for the future," she said.

Staff members will help these women get back on their feet by teaching them job skills and even giving them a job at the Care Help Thrift Store.

Farnum said the blueprints are drawn up; building permits are secured and even a contractor has been hired, but there's just one hold-up.

"We're up to the point where we're ready to build but we just have to raise the funds," she explained.

Care Help has met about 10 percent of their roughly $250,000 fundraising goal.

She's asking the community for help to get the shelter up and running as soon as possible because the need for it is great.

"We see a lot of women that call here for help. We may have to direct them. The other shelters are full. We know that there's the need; we know that we need to get this open as soon as possible," said Farnum. "We've had people call with the last situation that took place not too long ago in Carlyss saying if we had it, maybe we could have helped her."

To find out how to donate or volunteer at Care Help, call 528-2273 or click HERE.

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