Niblett's Bluff resident builds levee around his home - and it's working!

Niblett's Bluff resident builds levee around his home - and it's working!

VINTON, LA (KPLC) - Now that the Sabine River has crested, it's now starting to recede in many areas.

While most residents who experienced flooding still can't get to their homes, one man from Niblett's Bluff never left.. So how did it hold?

"So far its held up," said Thor McCaughey

While homes all around his are flooded - some to the roof - McCaughey's property is dry, thanks to some smart thinking and preparation

"A lot of things that can't be replaced and I needed to protect it," he said.

McCaughey brought in some dirt to build this levee around his home almost a week ago when he learned the area would likely flood.

"Dump trucks for 24 hours just came in and it was a miracle - a miracle," he said.

With the rising water from the Sabine, it was a waiting game to find out if his hard work would pay off - and so far it looks like it did.

"It's been a rollercoaster and you get to thinking, 'What if this happens?' and you start getting worried," McCaughey said.

But now knowing his property is safe - a sigh of relief for McCaughey, as his home is one of the few in this area that survived the flood

"It was worth it, you know. I was counting dump trucks and I said, 'Oh God, this is killing me' but it was worth it, well worth it," he said.

Now that the water has crested, McCaughey already sees the water dropping, and his next step is to remove the levee.

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