Lewis Student Council tops in state fund raising

Lewis Student Council tops in state fund raising

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - A group of Sulphur students is tops among student councils across Louisiana in charity fund raising. These middle school students raised more money than anyone else. As part of the Louisiana Association of Student Council charities, the Lewis Middle School council is asked each year to raise as much money for charity. The council at Lewis normally raises 6 to 7 thousand dollars a year, but a few weeks ago they took in the most of any student council in the state, both middle and high school.

"When they get out there and have to ask for something, that's not for themselves," said Staci Henry, student council advisor. "You know, to know that whatever money they collect, whether it's pennies, or dollars or hundreds of dollars, all of it's going to go to a worthy cause."

Henry says the amount of money raised is great, but what the students learn is more important.

"I learned how to work better with people," said Kolby Gary, student council member. "I learned that there's more than just what comes to meet the eye.  You get a sense of pride in yourself and you club."

"I learned how to work with people more and to take in their opinions and just hear it out," said Emily Petross, student council member. "Actually, everybody's opinion makes it work. They become great ideas. The event gets better and better."

The Lewis student council fundraiser ends with a big Mardi Gras dance with a King and Queen announced.
"This is when I try to teach them what a committee's all about," said Henry. "Where they do the work. This is all student led. I can't take any credit for it. These students come to my class every afternoon. We plan, they do the t-shirt design. They make the posters.They do the announcements. They really make all the decisions."

"I was a part of something bigger than myself," said Gary.

This year, W.W. Lewis collected 11,700 dollars. Previous recipients of student council donations include the Ronald McDonald house, the Louisiana State Troopers "Grant a wish" program and a summer camp for young burn victims.

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