McNeese president: 'Closure is not an option'

McNeese president: 'Closure is not an option'

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - While other state schools are threatening to suspend classes early, McNeese President Dr. Phillip Williams says that is not on the table here.

"Closure is not an option at McNeese," Williams said. "We will be open."

Williams said that cuts to travel, supplies, equipment, repairs and hiring are a possibility.

Statewide cuts to education and healthcare appear imminent as the Louisiana legislature meets to figure out how to solve a nearly $1 billion deficit.

Williams admitted that the cuts will mean McNeese will be a "tougher university for our students."

Students have already seen the result of past cuts - maintenance deferred around campus and classes made available less often.

Classes that were offered every semester, are now offered once a year or once every two years, Williams said.

"This means students who want to graduate on time find it harder and harder to schedule the classes they need," he said.

While there are cuts to TOPS, McNeese will pick up the tab the state is not paying this semester, but in the future, those cuts could mean less money for students, he said.

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