Good Samaritans rescue woman from fiery crash

Good Samaritans rescue woman from fiery crash

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A 21-year-old woman is alive after she was pulled from a fiery crash that happened at the base of the I-210 bridge Monday night.

The driver, Gabrielle Googe, was rescued just seconds before the car exploded.

Jason Tauzin and his two sons, Chance Negroni and Kris Louvierre were among the first on the scene and wasted no time trying to help.

"I opened the back door and did what we could there. We couldn't get in, so just screaming and hollering, trying to shake her and saying we're not going to let her burn; we're not going to let you burn," Tauzin said.

"At that time me and him were just yanking her, man trying to figure out what we could possibly do in this type of situation," Negroni said. "We both stepped back and I look at him and I said man we can't let this woman burn man — we got to figure something out."

"I was behind them — I was directly behind them and I was going to try and help them but man there was flames on one side and they were almost sitting trying to pull her out," Louvierre said.

The team effort unfolded in seconds as adrenaline took over.

"I ran up there, picked up the steering wheel and as soon as I did that he was grabbing her top body and as soon as he got her out I was able to grab her legs and drag her to safety," Negroni said.

"I grabbed her upper body and he grabbed her lower body, pulled her out of the car and then all three of us drug her to the fence," Tauzin said.

The men admit the daring rescue could have ended differently.

"About 15 to 20 seconds after we pulled her out of the car, the car was engulfed completely," Tauzin said.

They say they would do it again just as fast though.

"Sometimes you just got to take control of the situation," Negroni said.

"Yeah that's just how I was raised," Tauzin said. "That's what we do. You don't run from the problem; you run to it."

It's a philosophy that in this case, saved a life.

Steven Hunter Reinecke, Buck Marbury and Bobby Collins also offered assistance in the rescue.

Alcohol was involved in the crash. According to Louisiana State Police Troop D Sgt. James Anderson, Googe was arrested on DWI and careless operation charges.

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