McNeese volunteer photographers shoot for the Cowboys

Among the football players, cheerleaders, band and Cowgirl Kickers stands a steadfast crew holding their cameras.  Summer Boudreaux, Dr. Richard Martin, Raymond Stewart and Dennis Thibodeaux all volunteer their time to the school they love: McNeese.

"I do mainly sports photography," said Boudreaux. "There's nothing better than that action shot. Whether it be somebody flying through the air or catching the ball or coming right at you."

The photographers tell me there is some friendly competition between the three of them all looking for that one great shot.

"Oh yeah, there always is," said Martin, known as "Doc." "Who gets the best shot. We'll go compare shots of the same play just to see who got the best one."

Thibodeaux says he's always looking to improve.

"Things I've learned from the other shooters, from the American Press shooters," said Thibodeaux. "They gave us a bunch of advice. It's fun shooting action shots. That's what we like."

"Trying to get a good, clean action shot," said Martin. "Good background. Faces in it. Ball in it. Trying to get nice and clean shots."

Working so close the field, there have certainly been some close calls.

"Multiple times," recalled Boudreaux. "(I) landed on ESPN last year almost getting taken out. I couldn't remember whether I was zoomed in or not. And I was not. I had to dance in the air backwards to get out of the way."

Thibodeaux is popular with the fans in the stands...probably because of his blue hair.

"It's been a tradition. They yell, 'Hey blue hair, take my picture.' "

All four consider this their contribution to the school that gave them their education.  Plus you can't beat the benefits.

"We have the best seats in the house," said Thibodeaux. "We really do."

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