COPY-Alleged gunman barricaded after officer shot in St. Landry Parish, LA

A suspected shooter is barricaded inside an mini-mart on Hwy 93 and a standoff is underway after stabbing two people and shooting a police officer in Sunset, Louisiana.

"We are at the scene right now. We are fixing to make entry into the store to apprehend the suspect. One officer shot and two individuals were stabbed at another location," said St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz.

Sheriff Guidroz confirmed that deputies entered the Exxon Mini Mart. The suspect has barricaded himself inside an office in the mini-mart. The sheriff said there are no hostages or casualties at this time.

"We know he is still alive in there because we can hear him coughing and sneezing from the gas we shot in there," Guidroz said about the gunman.

Sheriff Guidroz said a negotiator is on scene to try and talk the suspect into coming out peacefully.

The sheriff said that a Sunset police officer was shot after a stabbing incident that occurred three blocks away on Anna Street. The officer was responding to the stabbing of two people who have been transported to the hospital.

The suspect shot the officer who was transported via helicopter to a hospital in Lafayette. The condition of the officer is currently unknown. Colonel Mike Edmonson with the Louisiana State Police said that the officer was "responsive," but did not give any further details to the AP.

The suspect then drove his vehicle to the mini-mart where there were three people inside: the store owner, a cook and a customer. All three were able to make it out safely.

The St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office is handling the situation. State Troopers have been sent to Sunset. The Lafayette Sheriff's Office and Lafayette Police Department are also on scene. The town is located 10 miles north of Lafayette and 10 miles south of Opelousas.

WAFB has a crew en route to Sunset. More information will be added as it comes in from St. Landry Parish.

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