Blue Bell blues may be over this fall

Blue Bell blues may be over this fall

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - As Blue Bell trucks have been spotted making their ways to distribution centers, fans of the frozen treat are rejoicing.

True ice cream enthusiasts will tell you it's Day 116 without Blue Bell products. On April 20, the creamery pulled all it's products from shelves across the country after it was linked to a Listeria outbreak.

This summer, fans and store owners said it just wasn't the same without their favorite brand. David Phillips, owner of the Dairy Barn on Nelson Road, calls it the "Great Blue Bell Famine of 2015."

Phillips serves up frozen treats everyday, and though it's making customers smile, he says it not the "real deal" unless it's Blue Bell.

"I grew up with it, it's the only ice cream we had in our house," said Philips, "As you can see I still have all my signs up because I will be back to it soon as possible."

Bob Nolan who takes his grandchildren to Dairy Barn on Fridays said, "We've been in a drought now for months, but I hear Blue Bell is going to break the drought by flooding us with ice cream."

Some fans have moved on to other brands, but some are staying faithful to the Bell.

"Probably tried about 4-5 other brands, and they were ok," said Dell Billings, "but they weren't Blue Bell, so we're managing."

Dell Billings's Texas Revolution-inspired "Come and Take It" graphic went viral on social media this spring, making him an unofficial Blue Bell correspondent.

"Whenever they get back and everything is safe at the Blue Bell plant, we are ready to eat it," said Billings.

His friends at the Brenham Creamery are keeping him posted on when he can jump in line for some ice cream.

"I'm not camping out for ice cream, but I'll... Ok, maybe I will camp out for ice cream," admits Billings.

Blue Bell confirms the trucks are full of ice cream, and headed to distribution centers, however representatives can not disclose when you may see the products back in your grocery store freezer.

At Dairy Barn, Phillips isn't expecting a shipment until 2016, but he's ready for it.

"I'm so ready to have it I've got another cooler for 8 more flavors," said Phillips.