Gator on the green

Gator on the green

Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7 News at Noon.

Water fees could go up in DeRidder, as the city council considers an increase. At noon, we'll tell you why they're considering it.

A Houston-area monument designed to honor our armed forces is off to a rocky start. Now, some are wondering who approved the finished product filled with spelling errors. We'll show you at noon, and you can see more HERE.

Plus, it's the Holy Grail for small American manufacturers: selling their product at America's largest retailer. At noon, we'll see how some are getting their chance.

We'll also have our weekly segment "You and the Law." Mark Judson, Executive Director of the Southwest Louisiana Law Center, will be here to answer questions submitted by you our viewers, and one topic today will involve tenant rights. You can learn more about the topic HERE.

In weather, it's more of the same: hot, dry conditions with little to no chance of rain. Meteorologist Ben Terry tells me heat indices will be above 100 degrees -- possibly in excess of 105 in some areas. Look for more during his live, local forecast at noon, along with a look ahead to the weekend.

And imagine a gator taking in a round of golf! We'll have that story at noon, and you can check out the gator on the greens HERE.

Remember, if you're not near a TV at noon, you can watch us live on our mobile news apps for Apple or Android devices.

Have a great day!