Cloud formation sparks questions

Cloud formation sparks questions

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In the wake of the tragic losses suffered by those in Charleston, South Carolina, a number of Lake Area churches will join together for a community-wide prayer service this evening. At noon, we'll tell you where and when the service will be held. You can also see more


Millions of Samsung Galaxy phones apparently have a flaw that makes them vulnerable to hackers. At noon, see how this could allow strangers to spy on your phone.

Plus, there's another safety concern for vacation travel this summer -- one that may hurt you physically but can definitely hurt your wallet.

In weather, we can expect the mostly dry weather pattern to continue today, with a few afternoon pop-up storms possible. Just how hot will it get, and what about tomorrow?  Meteorologist Ben Terry will let you know during his live, local forecast at noon. Ben will also address all the questions we're getting about an unusual cloud formation. You can read more about that


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