Dust dims the sunshine

Dust dims the sunshine

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Two Jennings men are on trial today, accused of fatally shooting a man and dumping his body on the side of a road in Jennings.


's Scottie Hunter is covering the trial for us, so look for a report at noon.

Do you recognize

people? This surveillance video is being used to find thieves at a Lake Charles store.

All too often, men brush off symptoms that could be the early signs of heart disease. At noon, we'll explain the symptoms men should never ignore. You can also learn more


Plus, the demands of wedding planning can take their toll, both emotionally and physically. So, at noon, we'll show you why many women are looking to fitness routines and nutrition plans specifically geared for brides-to-be.

In weather, we can expect a very hot, humid, hazy day. That haze is the result of a layer of Saharan dust which will block out the full sunshine. You can learn more about that dust

. However, the heat index will mean it will feel around 100 to 105 degrees this afternoon. Meteorologist Ben Terry will have all the details on what we can expect weather-wise this week during his live, local forecast at noon.

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