Man robs family while their home burns

Man robs family while their home burns

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In the wake of the deadly church shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, we're learning the suspect gunman confessed in an apparent attempt to start a race war. South Carolina's governor is speaking about the case, and we'll have that at noon. You can also read more


Are you wondering how to dispose of items containing mercury, like thermometers, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries and more? At noon,


's Scottie Hunter will have a live report from a special disposal site.

A burglar has no sympathy for a family whose home is on fire. He's caught on camera robbing the place while it burned.

Plus, if you think summer camp is just for kids, think again. We'll show you how some adults are reliving their nostalgic summer camp days while others are getting the experience for the first time.

In weather, we can expect a hot, muggy day with a chance of some pop-up thunderstorms this afternoon. What can we expect for the weekend? Meteorologist Ben Terry will let us know during his live, local forecast at noon. You can also access weather info anytime with our weather apps. If you don't have one, you can download them

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