Drones tracking sharks

Drones tracking sharks

Agnes DeRouen in the


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We'll tell you about a new app that warns drivers about recalls.

Also today, we'll take a look at the recent shark attacks in North Carolina. Many beach-goers are nervous, but one lifeguard unit is taking to the sky with quad-copter drones to watch out for sharks. You can see more


Plus, we find out how to deal with the latest item on a wedding planner's checklist: how to handle smartphones and social media. You can learn more


In weather, Bill has been downgraded but still poses a flood threat in Texas. As for SWLA, there is a possibility of rain this afternoon as the tail end of Bill pushes one last rain band through parts of our area. Meteorologist Ben Terry will have more on our conditions and what we can expect as we head closer to the weekend during his live, local forecast at noon.

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