Signature Salons prepares to reopen for business

Signature Salons prepares to reopen for business

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Nearly a month has gone by since Lake Charles Police arrested a man on DWI charges after he crashed into Signatures Salon on McNeese Street. Now, with the help of staff members, family, friends and the local community, the salon will be ready to open it's doors again to clients on Monday, June 15.

Signatures Salon Manager Noelle Mills is usually the first one to arrive to work. About one month ago, her day started a little differently.

"I didn't have to open the door that day. It was wide open. The whole salon was wide open," said Mills.

Lake Charles Police said a drunk driver crashed into the salon around 5:40a.m. Due to the time of the crash, luckily no one was injured but employees were out of commission for two days.

"I just thought, 'How are we going to do this? How are we going to bounce back from this?' We have 22 employees and we're a very close knit team and we know that our staff depends on this," explained Mills.

It's the staff that stepped up to get the ball rolling on getting situated in a temporary salon over on Ryan Street. Another local salon temporarily lent it's old studio to Signatures Salon staff until they got back on their feet. It's favors like this that makes Mills proud to be a part of the community here in Southwest Louisiana.

"In some industries there can be competitiveness but we had obviously Jeff Scarborough lent us his vacant salon. We had other salons offer us empty chairs that they had," said Mills. 'It's just incredible signs of generosity from our community and that has just been so humbling to see and to experience. It just makes me really proud to be from this area."

Clients also came to the scene of the crash to help.

"We had clients show up the day of the wreck with food,work gloves and shovels. They were in there picking up debris alongside us so that just showed us not only is our team strong but our clients believe in us," said Mills.

In one month, the hard work of everyone involved in the restoration process paid off, as owner Wendy White-McCowan unveiled the new and improved salon to employees for the first time.

On Monday, it will be ready for customers to see for the first time since the accident.

It's an accident that these girls are considering a blessing in disguise.

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