Full body workout on a bike

Full body workout on a bike

In our fast-paced lives, finding the time to exercise can be a challenge.

That's why a new indoor cycling studio in Lake Charles is offering a 45 minute head-to-toe workout that maximizes your time and multiple muscle groups.

The lights are low, music is pumping, and the sweat is already flowing for riders like Keith Woodard at Roll Indoor Cycling.

"It's a great workout," he said.  "It's something I can do at all times, even if it's raining here in Southwest Louisiana."

Woodard, like the other riders in the class, does not have much free time, so riding a bike needs to work out more than the legs.

That is where this full body workout, led by instructor Lauren Devillier, comes into play. It works the shoulders, arms, back, abs, glutes and legs, all in 45 minutes.

"We do about eight to 10 minutes of arm weights, different exercises, and then we do push-ups on the bike as well and ab workouts," she said.

Riders can see in real time how hard they are working, their heart rate and how many calories they are burning.

"Usually on a 45-minute class, I burn anywhere from 600-700 calories," Woodard said.

Post-workout reports are emailed to riders to track progress, making fitness more of a lifestyle and not just a workout.

That is the concept behind Roll Indoor Cycling, according to founder, Jackie Tabor.

"The concept is basically bringing fitness into 2015," she said. "It integrates it with our busy lifestyles."

That is paying off for riders like Woodard. "Since October 2014, as of today, I'm down about 40 pounds," he said.

There are 15-20 classes offered each week at Roll Indoor Cycling. They include the 45-minute, full-body workout, a one-hour class with 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes off for strength training, as well as themed rides.  

The studio also offers fresh, cold-pressed juices for nutrient replenishment.

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