Cat scratch ends with blindness

Cat scratch ends with blindness

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Gov. Bobby Jindal is expected to make an announcement regarding his possible presidential campaign on June 24. You can read a statement from Jindal on the event


Work on the state budget continues today in Baton Rouge. Late Tuesday, a Senate committee tweaked and then passed eight House-approved tax bills aimed at raising revenue.

Health insurers covering more than 155,000 Louisiana residents under the Affordable Care Act are planning rate increases ranging from 12 percent to 24 percent in 2016. We'll tell you why at noon.

Also today, restaurants, salons, fitness and more: as more sales go online, more malls are relying on dynamic experiences to drive traffic to stores.

Plus, a cat scratch that could make you sick. It's a warning one woman says she wish she had before she went blind! Look for that story at noon, and you can also learn more


In weather, another sunny day is expected with rain remaining unlikely for the next few days. How high will the temperatures go today and for the rest of the week? Meteorologist Ben Terry will have the answer during his live, local forecast at noon.

Speaking of weather, it's so nice outside it allowed for some volunteers to spruce up a little history.

you can check out the paint job being done on the old cannon in front of the Lake Charles courthouse.

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