Bugs in the broccoli

Bugs in the broccoli

Agnes DeRouen in the


newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7 News at Noon.

How's your handwriting? In this age of electronic correspondence, handwriting is, for many, antiquated. Well, today we have the story of one of only nine Grand National Handwriting Champions, and it's a Lake Charles area student!


's Monica Grimaldo will have the story in a live report at noon.

Also today, school cafeteria food has its critics, but what one Texas student found in her food has her mom demanding answers. It all has to do with bugs in the broccoli.

Plus, a parrot named "Rula" is at the heart of a dispute. We'll hear from a neighbor who claims the bird curses in Spanish! Check it out


In weather, we have a higher chance of thunderstorms today. Any storm that develops could produce brief but heavy downpours and cloud to ground lightning. Will this continue into the weekend? Meteorologist Ben Terry will let us know during his live, local forecast at noon. You can also check our weather apps for


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