Fighting mosquitos with fish!

Fighting mosquitos with fish!

Agnes DeRouen in the


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It's bleak news on the education front in Louisiana: 4,500 higher education jobs have been lost in 7 years. However, is the worst still to come? At noon, find out more on this troubling trend and what the governor has to say.

Mosquito season is upon us, and that means we have to figure out a way to fight the pests. As concerns about pesticides increase, mosquito control agencies are becoming more creative, letting nature help fight the battle for them. We'll see how one community is turning to mosquito-fighting fish. Look for more at noon.

Plus, a police dog and his deputy handler take top prizes in a national competition. At noon, we'll introduce you to "Glock" on a practice day. Stay tuned for more.

In weather, the heavy rain from overnight has gone, and we've seen a bit of sun, but the rain hasn't gone for good. However, the threat of heavier storms will hold off until tonight. What about tomorrow and the rest of our weekend? Meteorologist Ben Terry will tell you what you need to know to plan those activities during his live, local forecast at noon. You can also get more weather info


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