What you need to know about listeria

What you need to know about listeria

Agnes DeRouen in the


newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7 News at Noon.

It was a rough night in Illinois as a massive tornado touched down in the town of Fairdale. We'll tell you about the death and destruction that resulted from the storm. You can also read more


What about our own weather? Well, we're expecting a rainy day with the threat of strong storms holding off until the afternoon as the warm temperatures fuel the storms. Just how much rain can we expect today and throughout the weekend? Meteorologist Ben Terry is looking into that and will let you know during his live, local forecast at noon.

A recall for one of the most popular hummus makers in the country along with Blue Bell Ice Cream is raising questions about the potentially fatal infection Listeria. But what exactly is it? A local expert has the answer at noon.

Also today, a boy is being hailed a hero and honored for saving his dad's life. His quick thinking helped prevent a disaster while his family was traveling.

Plus, the "Greatest Show on Earth" will soon be without elephants. At noon, we'll show you an elephant sanctuary where some Ringling Brothers elephants are already enjoying their retirement. You can also see more


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We hope you stay safe and dry this weekend!