Firefight at the home of the National Security Agency

Firefight at the home of the National Security Agency



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We're getting reports that one person is dead after a car with two people inside tried to ram a gate at Fort Meade, Maryland. Apparently a firefight ensued.  Fort Meade is home of the National Security Agency. We'll have the latest at noon, and you can read more on the story as it develops


A Calcasieu Parish Waterworks district has incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses in the last six fiscal years. At noon, we'll tell you

what the state legislative auditor has found.

We typically think of osteoporosis as a condition that affects women. But doctors say a lot of men are at risk too.  Learn more at noon, and you can read more

Plus, he was born blind, but that's not stopping one man from getting his doctoral degree in chemistry. We'll take a look at the obstacles he has to overcome every day. You can read more

In weather, we should have a sunny day, with highs near 80 degrees this afternoon.  Will the fog return tomorrow?  What about our chances for rain later in the week?  Find out what's in store during meteorologist Ben Terry's live, local forecast at noon. See the extended forecast

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