How to spot a potential child predator

How to spot a potential child predator

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - OffenderWatch offers the following tips on how to spot a person who could be a child predator.

(Information was taken from "Because There Is a Way to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse: Facts About Abuse and Those Who Might Commit It", Joan Tabachnick, Editor, Stop It Now!, Haydenville, MA, 1998.)

You can view all the active Tier III registered sex offenders in Southwest Louisiana HERE.

Do you know an adult or child who:

• Refuses to let a child set any of his or her own limits?

• Insists on hugging, touching, kissing, tickling, wrestling with or holding a child even when the child does not want affection?

• Is overly interested in the sexuality of a particular child or teen (e.g. talks repeatedly about the child's developing body or interferes with normal teen dating)?

• Manages to get time alone or insists on time alone with a child without interruptions?

• Spends most of his/her spare time with children and has little interest in spending time with someone their own age?

• Regularly offers to babysit many different children for free or takes children on overnight outings alone?

• Buys children expensive gifts or gives them money for no apparent reason?

• Frequently walks in on children/teens in the bathroom?

• Allows children or teens to consistently get away with inappropriate behaviors?

• Talks again and again about the sexual activities of children or teens?

• Talks about sexual fantasies with children and is not clear about what's okay with children?

• Encourages silence and secrets in a child?

• Asks adult partners to dress or act like a child or teen during sexual activity?

• Often has a special child friend, maybe a different one from year to year?

• Spends most spare time on activities involving children or teens, not adults?

• Makes fun of a child's body parts, calls a child sexual names?