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One person is dead after a 32-foot cabin-cruiser catches fire and sinks in Sulphur. It happened off Dunn Ferry Road after neighbors heard a small explosion. You can also read and see more


Could the City of Sulphur be going smoke-free? The city council is set to introduce an ordinance Monday evening on it.


's Erica Bivens joins us to explain what that could mean, and you can watch

for further discussion of the topic.

Virtual reality is helping brain surgeons cure complex medical conditions. It's a high-tech way of giving doctors a detailed look inside the heads of their patients before surgery.

Plus, a new math class is showing students they can do pre-algebra, but there's one thing missing, and that's proving successful. We'll show you what's so unique inside the classroom.

In weather, get ready for a pretty rainy week. Monday will be mostly light rain and temperatures in the 60s. What about Monday night and the rest of the work week? Meteorologist Ben Terry will tell us how much rain we can expect during his live, local forecast at noon, and you can also access up-to-date weather info


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