776 Calcasieu Parish students opt out

The Calcasieu Parish School Board released PARCC test opt out numbers Friday and and they far out pace what's happening elsewhere around the state.

BESE affirmed Thursday's decision not to give relief to schools and districts hurt by high numbers of student opt-outs.

Calcasieu Parish School Board reports that 776 students in parish schools opted out of taking the test. Compare that to just 35 in Lafayette and just one in New Orleans, according to NOLA dot com.

"The BESE decision not to provide relief to schools certainly has the potential to single Calcasieu out," said Kirby Smith, school board spokeswoman. "We're certainly unique here. Parents don't feel comfortable and they have made that clear at a handful of schools. We want to make sure our schools aren't penalized and that Calcasieu is not singled out."

The Calcasieu numbers break down to 5 percent of the eligible elementary students and 7 percent of the eligible middle school students have opted out.

On Friday, BESE did approve asking for money despite the state's budget crisis. It wants $36 million dollars added to state funding, known as the Minimum Foundation Program, or MFP.

That request will go to the Louisiana Legislature when the session opens on April 13.

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