Thief bangs head through glass, gets nothing

Thief bangs head through glass, gets nothing

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Louisiana Education Superintendent John White proposes to speed up the review over Common Core. We'll tell you why at noon.

A Florida thief uses his head -- literally -- to get his hands on a potential jackpot. His target included a bunch of scratch-off lottery tickets. However, as you'll see at noon, his head-long bum's rush led to nothing -- except maybe a blinding headache! Stay tuned for more.

Plus, a little boy is getting a big wish and a very special day. At noon, we'll show you how Woody from the Toy Story movies, scoops him up and puts him at the front of a parade.

We'll also have a preview of an upcoming performance of Disney's Mulan. Students with the Children's Theatre rehearsed in full costume this morning, despite the weather. Photos and more information are available


In weather, Tuesday should be rain-free for the most part, but those chances go back up Tuesday night and into Wednesday. Just what can we expect for the rest of the week? Meteorologist Ben Terry will have the answer during his live, local forecast at noon.

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