St. Theodore student inspires many during spelling bee

St. Theodore student inspires many during spelling bee

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - At St. Theodore's Holy Family Catholic School in Moss Bluff, history was made at the annual spelling bee. The best spellers in each grade got to participate in the competition.

"Each individual class had to have their own spelling bee in the classroom and the top five from each grade were going to be able to participate in our annual spelling bee," said Ashley Ivey-Atkins.

That meant five spots for each grade and it's the fifth spot for the fourth graders the school sees as extraordinary.

We're in the third year of our Inclusion Program and this is the first year we've had a student qualify and it was very remarkable to see," said Ivey-Atkins.

Qualifier Thomas Sherman is autistic. In fact, principal of St. Theodore said Thomas barley spoke a word three years ago when entering the school's program.

"Our inclusion program is for the students that are on the autism spectrum and need a little bit more assistance or help in the classroom," said Ivey-Atkins.

Administrators said Thomas's success proves what a difference the program is making.
While Thomas didn't end up winning the entire competition, he inspired both students and adults alike. 

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