La. Traveler - DeQuincy Town Hall Museum

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - With some sections dating back to the early 1900s, the old DeQuincy Municipal Building is now the town's newest museum. Across Lake Charles avenue from the old railroad depot, the DeQuincy Town Hall Museum expands on the community's history.

"The railroad has long been acknowledged for its role in the founding of DeQuincy," said Harry Methvin, DeQuincy historian. "But there's a couple of generations who were never aware of the contributions of the Naval store industry in DeQuincy."

Naval stores included pine tar and turpentine, which were once produced at a plant where the Nichols store is now.

"ACME Products built a plant to process the pine stumps into turpentine. A lot of area men worked at that plant. It employed about 400 people. Plus those who worked in the woods, dynamiting the stumps from the ground, adding additional charges to break them up where they could load them up on a truck."

Museum supporters hope to one day remodel the rear part of the building, which includes the City Jail. It dates back to the 1920s. In fact, there have been several movies shot here.

"It's the original jail of the city of DeQuincy," said Alma Brown, president of the museum's board . "We want to expand the museum to the old jail. The jail is very unique in that the original graffiti is still in the jail."

In the town's old courtroom are displays honoring veterans from the area, including generals who have called DeQuincy home.

The DeQuincy Town Hall Museum is open Monday through Thursday and is located right across the street from the Railroad Museum.

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