Some Moss Bluff roads flood after rain

Some Moss Bluff roads flood after rain

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - When the Moss Bluff area gets more than a couple inches of rain, fire officials said often the same roads seem to flood.

"It's important to be familiar with our areas and know what areas are prone to what hazards, that way we know what resources we need to start moving around and have on standby,"said Captain Bobby Trahan, Ward 1 Fire Department.

After Saturday night and early Sunday morning's rain, the fire department in Moss Bluff had a busy day.

"We just went around the fire district and made sure the areas that were prone to flooding were secure and that any high water was marked by the police jury," said Trahan.

Police Jury officials said they're aware of the flooding problems in the area and they're working to alleviate the problem with a

in areas like Belfeild Rd. and Armand Street. They also said they're working closely with Jeff Davis officials to clean out the marsh bayou near Topsy Rd.

"We didn't actually have any reports of water being in homes," said Trahan. "We were actually being more proactive because of the experiences we have had in the past."

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