Election hotline available for people with disabilities

Election hotline available for people with disabilities

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA - Voters with disabilities face barriers in exercising a fundamental civil right: the right to vote.

Those Voters can contact the Advocacy Center to report problems or get help with their voting issues from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. by phone at 1-800-960-7705 or by email at advocacycenter@advocacyla.org. Advocacy Center staff are available to help voters locate their polling places, review their ballots, address accessibility issues and troubleshoot other disability-related problems.

Common questions include:

• Were do I vote? How do I find my polling place?

• Am I registered to vote?

• When do the polls close?

• How do I vote absentee by mail?

• My polling place is not fully accessible. Can you help?

• Who can provide assistance in voting?

• How do I file a HAVA complaint?

The Advocacy Center is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to assisting people with disabilities and seniors in Louisiana to achieve maximum potential and independence. The Advocacy Center employs 60 people statewide who assist people to achieve employment, education, housing, and health care goals.