Crime down at McNeese

A report was recently released by the Department of Education stating how safe the McNeese State Univeristy's campus is.

"It's a really mellow place and not much goes on," said one student. "I feel pretty safe around here."

That feeling of overall safety matches the latest Clery Report. Last year, three burglaries were the only crimes listed. According to the report, crime continues to decrease from previous years.

"We've been very fortunate for many years now to have a very low report of crimes that happen on the McNeese campus," said Director of Public Relations for McNeese, Candace Townsend.

Some of the other categories on the report were robbery, sexual assault, and aggravated assault. According to the report, McNeese had zero reported crimes in those categories last year.

"We want McNeese to be a safe campus, but we know the safety of our campus depends on everyone being involved, it depends on everyone being aware of their surroundings," said Townsend.

McNeese officials said someone should always report anything that seems suspicious on campus.

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