AP scores at Barbe High School

AP scores at Barbe High School

In a recent visit to Barbe High School, State Superintendent of Education John White announced that according to AP test scores, more students earn college credit there than at any other school in the state.

Lori Benoit, a teacher at Barbe, is proud to share her students' success. Every student that passes the exam gets a brick on her wall, and she explains, scoring a 3, 4, or 5 means earning college credit.

"The classes are hard. They're very hard," said teacher Phyllis Aswell. "A lot of kids take five AP courses at a time, and that's 15 college credits or more, and they're willing to step up and do the challenge."

Of the more than 400 students at Barbe, about 20 percent are enrolled in AP courses. The school administers the most AP tests in Louisiana.

Benoit says that beyond her wall of success stories, she's happy to be a part of the bigger success stories in her student's futures.

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