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D'Janae wants a mother to love her for who she is

If you talk to preteen girls today, the conversation might center on fashion, popular music and first crushes.  11-year-old D'Janae is no different from that, but dive a little deeper and you will learn her biggest desire is to finally be adopted.

At The Nail Studio in Lake Charles, D'Janae is in her element.  This fifth grader lets her uniqueness shine through her smile, even her fingernails as she picks alternating favorite colors: pink and purple.

D'Janae loves all things girly.  "I like to dance, cheer and sing," she said.  

Even though D'Janae's childhood has been different from some of her peers, adoption specialist Carla Wilson with the Department of Children & Family Services says the young girl is still optimistic about her future, as she waits in foster care for a forever family.  "D'Janae is a sweet little girl," said Wilson, "she has a great personality.  She's fun-loving.  She will definitely keep you laughing all the time."

The most heart-wrenching moment in every conversation with children in foster care is when we get to the root of why we are talking: the dream of a life change.  "So I could find a family," said D'Janae, "because I want a mother who loves me for who I am."

To be loved for who she is - a bright, sweet, fun-loving girl ready to grow into a young lady with a mother to shape her along the way.  "Every morning I'd wake up and tell her good morning and and I love you," said D'Janae.

Adoption through foster care typically costs very little, if anything, out of pocket.  To learn more or make an inquiry about D'Janae call 337-491-2470. 

The next orientation at the Department of Children & Family Services is Monday, October 13 at the office on Kirkman Street in Lake Charles.  MAPP certification classes will take place the first four Saturdays in November. 

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