Facebook showcases NFL fandom across the U.S.

Facebook showcases NFL fandom across the U.S.

In advance of the first weekend of NFL games, Facebook released a map showing which pro football teams have the most Facebook "likes" in every county in the country.

The New Orleans Saints have a stranglehold on the Gulf Coast with all of Louisiana, most of Alabama and Mississippi and portions of Arkansas.

It's no shock that the Dallas Cowboys own the majority of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico. "America's Team" holds true to its name, holding down a large part of Nevada, plus scattered areas of Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Mississippi, Florida, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Missouri and a good chunk of southern Virginia.

The Texans have a lone stronghold in southeast Texas, around Houston, and actually picked up a few more counties from the 2013 version of the map.

Despite much controversy over their mascot, the Washington Redskins actually managed to take a few counties back from the Cowboys in southern Virginia.

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