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Dredged materials helping build new marsh areas at Sabine Refuge

Hog Island Gully. (Source: Haley Rush/KPLC) Hog Island Gully. (Source: Haley Rush/KPLC)
CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Dredging the Calcasieu Parish Ship Channel is common. The process ensures large ships can pass through the Port of Lake Charles, but now, that unwanted material will have an important use by helping create new wetlands at Sabine National Wildlife Refuge.

At Hog Island Gully, a popular recreation area at Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, the public will have to wait to fish and enjoy the hot spot. Wildlife refuge officials said that's a small price to pay for a greater good.

“The magnitude of getting to create some new marsh for these areas for invertebrate, shrimps, and crabs, and little fish to grow up and have these nursery areas is great,” said Diane Borden-Billiot, Visitor Services Manager for Southwest Louisiana National Refuge Complex.

Borden said there will be three project areas over the next six months.

“We lose a lot of marsh every year along the coast, and from the hurricanes they've also destroyed a lot of areas so we hope to gain additional marshes,” said Borden.

Borden also said this gift from the ship channel will not just benefit those living in the water, but improve the quality of life for those in Southwest Louisiana.

“It's very important for what we like to recreate on, eat, cook with, and just enjoy,” said Borden.

Hog Island Gully will be closed until spring 2015. Wildlife refuge officials said there are multiple other recreation spots still open at Sabine National Wildlife Refuge while Hog Island is closed.

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