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LC City Council approves budget, but not everyone onboard


The Lake Charles City Council adopted the 2014 to 2015 budget but not everyone was onboard.

"I know that some things are necessary, but I think that we have some larger priorities that we need to look at," said Mary Morris, Lake Charles City Council.

Morris voted not to approve the budget and believes one of the main things that is lacking is an adequate drainage system and repairs to the current one in her district.

"The sewer system can't handle what we have now. When I went around my district everything was flooded this weekend with the rain, and we continue to have that problem. And I see that it took me two years -- two budget years - just to get one street done. I think that the allocation is unequal," said Morris.

Mayor Randy Roach said he respects every council person's right to represent their district and protect the interests of their constituents. However, he said they're tasked with balancing the budget for the city as a whole.

He also said he's well aware of the drainage issues and work is being done to fix it.

"Our engineers are working with Ward 3 Gravity Drainage. We understand we have extraordinary rain events and we are still having flooding problems. We have to do a better job to service the needs of the community, so we are going to be looking at the existing system to make that system more efficient and looking for plugs that may exist in some of the older infrastructure to get the whole system flowing," said Mayor Roach.

Mayor Roach also added when preparing each budget they talk with each council person one on one about priorities for their districts and try to be as fair as possible with the money that is available.

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