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Cameron School Board close to choosing new superintendent

The Cameron School Board has narrowed the search for a new school superintendent to two men and they're expected to decide at a meeting Monday night.

Since superintendent Stephanie Rodrigue announced she's leaving, the school board has been in the process of searching for someone new. Board members have narrowed a field of six applicants to two: Glenn Duhon, a coach at Johnson Bayou school in Cameron Parish and Charles Adkins, the Director of Lake Charles Boston Academy.

Two school board members who have been outspoken about the need for change in policies and procedures are Karen Nunez and Tracy Carter.
 Nunez says they're working with a consultant called Forethought to revise policies to prevent problems with which they've struggled.

"We are in the process of going through Forethought and they are making our policies for us to review and to change in any kind of verbiage we need to set policy to reflect that," said Nunez.

Before a contract with a new superintendent is finalized, they want it thoroughly reviewed by all school board members and available for the public to see.

"I'm just hoping with a new superintendent the board will be involved with the contract process and we will know what's in the contract so there should be a lot less issues with a new superintendent coming in," said Carter.  She says she wants each of the school board members to sign the next superintendent's contract.

At this point, they say the salary is negotiable, but starts at $100,000.  Right now school board members say Rodrigue receives about $142,000 a year.. Cameron Parish has four schools and about 1300 students.

Rodrigue is expected to leave in October, or earlier if there is a new superintendent in place.

Board members are expected to take a vote on a new superintendent during their meeting at 5 P.M. Monday in Cameron Parish,

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