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Volunteers answer plea for help from local caricature artist

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Well known caricature artist Beth Hebert-Shuler made a plea for help when she needed a ramp, and volunteers responded. She says she's ready to meet the challenges of having lost a leg and is determined to go forward.

"This is Kiki Bear. I had him since I had my first amputation in 2012," said Hebert-Shuler, hugging a stuffed bear as she recovers from surgery at a local hospital.

Diabetes has caused her a multitude of health issues, finally leading up to amputation of her left leg.

"It finally had to be just taken off below the knee," she said.

Hebert-Shuler is well known to many for the caricatures she's drawn for decades.

"I've done thousands. I've drawn at the Lake Charles Country Club many times for the father-daughter ball, I've drawn for hospital events, I've drawn for church events. Just too many to remember. Most people know me for my caricatures but I have been a T-Shirt Wearhouse for 25 years. And my art style is synonymous with T-Shirt Wearhouse," she said.

And just as she has made so many smile, volunteers have made her smile with the rapid response to her need for a wheel chair ramp essential once she is out of the hospital.

"I have to get to and from dialysis three times a week and until I'm cleared to drive, I'll have to ride with somebody else," she said.

She admits good health is in part one's individual responsibility.

"I could have done a better job taking care of my diabetes, I am now wearing an insulin pump which is a huge help. It really keeps my glucose levels where they need to be all the time," said Hebert-Shuler.

And she says she's determined to get healthier.

"I want to get down to two hundred pounds," she said.  That's her initial goal.

And, though Hebert-Shuler knows there will be challenges, she appears determined to move ahead and get her old life back.

"I want my prosthetic and I want to get up and go and go. I want to book more parties. I want to get back to what I was doing before," said Hebert-Shuler.

Hebert-Shuler says she's reached all her in-patient, rehabilitation goals and is expected to be released from the hospital within the next day or so. And somehow, the future seems brighter with a new ramp made with boards, nails, love and caring.

Again, she hopes to lose weight and get healthier. For links to more information about losing weight and a healthy diet click the links.

Hebert-Shuler's brother put materials for the new ramp on a credit card.  Anyone who wishes to help pay for the cost of materials, which ran about $560, can send donations to her at marybethhebert@gmail.com via www.PayPal.com  Hebert-Shuler says upon learning of her situation, her landscape company, www.swlalawn.com donated a year of service. In addition to friends and relatives, those who helped build the ramp and get her house ready for homecoming included volunteers from Friendships.  

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