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Holmwood residents express concerns on recent crime in neighborhood

Holmwood residents express concerns on recent crime in neighborhood

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - A Calcasieu Parish resident says he's concerned for the safety of his neighborhood after a small series of crime hit the Holmwood area last week.

"We're simple, country people in a quiet neighborhood," said the resident, who wished to remain anonymous. "We don't have no trouble back here, we don't want no trouble back here."

The resident said an unidentified man stole tools from his garage last Tuesday and says neighbors have grown concerned.

"We feel like we've been invaded," he said. "Stealing another man's property or breaking and entering or invading his property or destruction of his property. Stay away from here, get away from here, if you got no business here don't come here."

He says he even took matters into his own hands the night of the incident and chased the unidentified man in an attempt to stop him. He says the day after the chase, someone stole a car from The Harrington Bros. Farm on Highway 14 E and property from a nearby house the next day.

"I'm surprised no ones hurt behind this yet," he says. "We're a quiet community, this is why we moved here. We just want to live in peace, that's all."

Though it's unclear if the incidents are related, he says he simply wants the crime to stop.

"It just ain't right," he said.

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office says all three incidents are under investigation and have added extra patrol cars in the Holmwood area.

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