LCFD set to use new charter school building for safety during hurricanes

LCFD set to use new charter school building for safety during hurricanes

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Local firefighters have a new plan in case a big hurricane heads our way.

Southwest Louisiana Charter Academy just opened its brand new building for the school year. It could now turn into a command center for Lake Charles firefighters.

"Our school is so structurally sound that it can withstand winds in excess of 150 miles per hour and can withstand all sorts of water surges," said Lake Charles Charter Academy Foundation Board President, Judge Gene Thibodeaux.

The Lake Charles Fire Department continues to look for efficient and safe places to house their responders in case of a hurricane.

"You're looking for a building that has a large meeting space, kitchen, a place to wash your clothes, and a place where you can use bedrooms to sleep in," said Fire Chief Keith Murray. "Not all buildings actually meet that specification where you can have a small army of men that could actually live in it as a home."

The new charter school meets those requirements. They've kept an eye on the school for awhile. They said it's a unique 65,000 foot building made of completely concrete.    

"People at like the Charter academy allow us the opportunity to take care of our most precious asset, our men and our trucks, because without that we can't do business," said Murray.

Murray said it's easy to access other major roads and highways from the school also. He said they plan to take advantage of staying at local hospitals, too.

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