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Sulphur resident loses 5 pets in early morning house fire

Sulphur resident loses 5 pets in early morning house fire

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - An early morning house fire on Balfour St. near Houston River Rd.  in Sulphur claimed the life of over 5 family pets. Resident Jana Istre says when she first heard her house was engulfed, her heart sunk.

"The only thing on my mind the whole way here was my animals in the house," said Istre, who's lived in Sulphur for over 10 years.

Istre says the fire started at around 4 a.m. She says fortunately her and her family weren't home at the time of the fire, but 6 of her family's pets were.

"Sookie and Tank, they were both pit bulls and I had a duck, he was a character. His name was Donald," said an emotional Istre, who was accompanied by her family and several neighbors offering help. "Then we had Sweet Cheeks, a little guinea pig and two cats, Mr. Crude, he's 11. It's pretty dang sad that he's got to die in a house fire. It's a hard experience having to see animal control pull my dog out her kennel all burnt up."

Istre says she considered her pets family and called them her "fur babies," and breaking the news to her children is not something she's looking forward to.

"That's my most scariest part right now," she said. "Is to have to break to them that, the fact that, okay no longer do we not only have a home, but all of the animals that you've had since you were babies are gone." 

Istre says she wants pet owners to know that animals are like family and recommends them to always keep them close.

"They're your fur babies, they're your kids, they're not just something to throw away," she said. "To me, that's God's creature, and they need love just like any creature does."

The Houston River Rd. Volunteer Fire Department has not released information on the cause of the fire.

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