Corvette fever hits SWLA

Corvette fever hits SWLA

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you drove by the I-10 beach Saturday morning in Lake Charles, you probably noticed the dozens upon dozens of nice rides lined up. But they weren't there for a car show; instead, they were just passing by.

The Contraband Corvette Club brought around 20 cars. They included newer model supercharged 'vettes to classic antiques.

Their final destination is Bowling Green, Kentucky.

"Every five years this takes place in Bowling Green," explained Keith Ousley, President of the Contraband Corvette Club.

2014 marks the 20th Anniversary of the National Corvette Museum and 5th National Corvette Caravan. It draws in Corvette enthusiasts, who explain why they participate.

"We love to just get together and share all the different Corvettes and to socialize," said Lee David.

Myron LeLeux added, "It's just the camaraderie, get to see a bunch of cars, all Corvettes, a lot of nice people, fun to drive, and just a really good event."

Even out of towners like Gwendolyn Siner joined in, "We were just passing through going to Lafayette, Louisiana and we saw all the beautiful 'vettes on the side of the road so we thought we'd just stop by and check them out."

More than 10,000 Corvettes from across the nation are expected to showcase in Bowling Green. That includes the 20-plus sports cars from Southwest Louisiana who merged with the Gulf States Region Caravan of around 200.

"We're ready to go, hope everyone has a safe journey and we'll see you all when we get back," smiled Ousley.

Along their journey, the humming of engines will likely increase as they'll merge with other caravans, spreading Corvette fever city to city.

The Contraband Corvette Club merged with the Gulf States Region Caravan and traveled to Bubba Oustalet in Jennings for lunch Saturday. From there, they'll head to New Orleans, then Alabama, as they make their way up to Kentucky.

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