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City of LC decides to reschedule proposed sales tax election

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - As a result of a recent change in state law regarding the tax election process, the City of Lake Charles has decided to reschedule the proposed December sales tax election for next October.

According to Mayor Randy Roach, the new state law which went into effect on August 1 requires a 30 day notice intent to call a tax election be hand delivered or emailed to all legislators whose district includes the City.

Despite different legal opinions on whether it would affect the sales tax election, Mayor Roach said waiting until October 2015 would be in the best interest. Roach also said with a gubernatorial and other legislative races on the ballot, it would likely be a high voter turnout.

The proposal would be to increase the current sales tax by a quarter cent, which would bring it up to what the rest of Calcasieu parish already pays. If passed it would generate about $5,000,000 annually which would be used for employee raises.

City Administrator John Cardone said preliminary results from an employee pay analysis for the City of Lake Charles indicates several areas need increases. Cardone said in the meantime the City will work on a modification to the pay plan to increase starting pay for career service employees from $8.25/hour to a rate which is more competitive.

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