Community petitions against proposed reduction at Fort Polk

Community petitions against proposed reduction at Fort Polk

The Mayor's Armed forces Commission held a letter-signing event Saturday to petition against the proposed reduction at Fort Polk. This allowed area residents to voice their concerns and help stop a troop reduction at the base.

The U.S. Army announced it is cutting troop levels from 490,000 to 450,000 in June 2015. The Army is proposing reducing troop levels up to 6,500 at Fort Polk, more than 70 percent of current troops.

The petition began Wednesday and will go through the August 25 deadline for commenting on the Department of the Army's proposal to cut the troops at Fort Polk. Petitioners believe they have received around 3,000 signed letters so far.

More letter-signing stations will be around the area to make it accessible for residents to join in on the petition.

Last time Fort Polk was faced with cuts in 2012, a similar letter writing campaign was successful. Reese said of the 8,000 letters sent from bases across the country, more than 4,300 were from Fort Polk. The proposed cuts were 5,300 troops. After assessing the economic impact, the Army reduced levels by only 250.

The petition can be signed online HERE.

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