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Iowa takes steps to fix long-running sewer issue

Iowa takes steps to fix long-running sewer issue


Iowa is taking a step towards fixing its long-running sewer issue, an issue residents say needed a resolution a long time ago.

At a recent town council meeting, the panel discussed a recent grant given to the town worth over $300,000 to upgrade the John Dale lift station, the town's main sewer lift station that serves residents from U.S. 90 heading south.

"With the grant, we're going to be able to increase the pumps to an 8-inch pump," said Iowa mayor Carol Ponthieux. "We're also going to increase the size of the pipes that go from that station to the sewer pond."

Iowa resident Alan Weishampel lives on South Kinney Street near the John Dale lift station and said the town's main sewer line runs through his backyard. He said every time there's even an inch of rain, the result is not pretty.

"When I open the drain in the backyard to keep it from coming in my house, there's raw sewage, mixed with rainwater, coming out of my backyard," said Weishampel, who's lived in Iowa for over 20 years. "It's running down my driveway and into the ditch going who knows wherever it's going."

Ponthieux said the project will take about a year to complete and said this is only the first step towards solving the problem once and for all.

"This is just one small piece of the puzzle, there's a lot more," said Ponthieux. "Is this going to be the cure all? No. We'll do the best that we can with it."

Weishampel says he encourages other Iowa residents to voice their concerns over the town's sewer issue and says he hopes the town will get together and get the job done.

"I believe they will," said Weishampel. "It's just that the squeaky wheel hasn't squeaked real loud lately. If they don't know a problem, they're not going to try to fix it."

Ponthieux says the project may require a slight increase in the town's sewage fees, but that it won't be much. She says the Louisiana Rural Water Association said the town's flat wastewater treatment rate is $21.47, which is still below the national average of $27 to $30.

She also says she'll be meeting with the town's engineer along with the town's public works director to talk about what kind of piping will work best to fix the issue next week.

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